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Alternus is a utility-scale transatlantic clean energy independent power producer (IPP), currently listed on Nasdaq. Headquartered in the US, we develop, install, own and operate utility-scale solar parks in America and Europe. Our highly motivated and dynamic team at Alternus have achieved rapid growth in recent years. Building on this, our goal is to reach 3GW’s of operational projects within 5 years through continued organic development activities and targeted strategic opportunities.


Become a leading provider of 24/7 clean energy.

We aim to provide our future generations with a cleaner, more sustainable world. Our flexible structure and entrepreneurial ethos enables us to accelerate this journey as we strive towards our long-term vision of a greener future. Our intention is to reach this destination through sustainable means, protecting the planet as well as powering it.


Delivering a sustainable future of renewable power with people and planet in harmony.

We think globally and act locally working towards a clean energy future by developing, installing and operating renewable assets across America and Europe that positively benefits both the planet and our business while creating value for society as a whole.

We are committed to the highest levels of integrity in our operations and with our partnerships to encourage diversity and equity across our industry. We believe economic, social, and climate benefits are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, along with financial returns, we offer investors and stakeholders the opportunity to choose a better future today.


In 2022, Alternus inaugurated the Alternus Sustainable Arts Initiative (ASAI), a tangible manifestation of our commitment to sustainability. This initiative actively encourages emerging artists to explore and express sustainability themes through their art using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a basis. By championing and supporting artists, the program not only enriches the artistic landscape but also serves as a platform for these creators to showcase their work. Discover more about the Initiative here.

Market Presence

Market Presence

Current Operational portfolio of 44MWp across Romania in Europe and Tennessee in the US.

Total Identified Project Pipeline of 3.1 GWp split into Organic Development and Strategic Acquisition projects across America and Europe.

Currently over 500 MWp of Organic Development projects in pre-construction and late-stage development.